Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Dispicable No Matter Who Does It

Liberal gay blogger Mike Rogers has "outed" Senator Larry Craig, R-Idaho, claiming he has evidence that Craig has at least four same-sex encounters. Craig is married, has children and grandchildren, and is a staunch conservative. It doesn't matter what his politics are. Mike Rogers is attempting to destroy a man and his family. And it is wrong, just plain wrong. It is wrong when the left does it; it is wrong when the right does it. I hope that leading Dems will denounce this with no caveats. Here is Andrew Sullivan:
The outing crusade gains momentum. Look: I loathe the closet. I despise the hypocrisy in the Republican party. But a witch-hunt is a witch-hunt. If the gay left thinks it will advance gay dignity by using tactics that depend on homophobia to work, that violate privacy, that demonizes gay people, then all I can say is: they are wrong. They will regret it. It will come back to haunt them. And they should cut it out. The fact that their motives might be good is no excuse. Everybody on a witchhunt believes their motives are good. But the toxins such a witchhunt exposes, the cruelty it requires, and the fanaticism of its adherents are always dangerous to civilized discourse. What you're seeing right now is an alliance of the intolerant: the intolerant on the gay left and the intolerant on the religious right. The victims are gay people - flawed, fallible, even pathetic gay people. But they are still people. And they deserve better.

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