Thursday, October 26, 2006

Follow Up--The Messengers

Having posted about this some time ago, I wanted to follow up on the results of The Messengers television show on The Learning Channel. As you may recall, it was a reality show where the contestants from varying ethic, cultural, religious, work backgrounds were placed in different situations for a week at a time and then required to prepare and deliver a message on the topic. The contestants were then judged on their message by a panel ("celebrity" speakers/preachers/clergy).

I never got to see the final myself, and I wanted to follow up. The website of TLC has the winner, the three finalists, and those who were eliminated week by week. All their speeches can be heard too!

Additionally, there is information about what you can do locally to help in the different topic areas that were covered if you are moved by one of the messengers to take action (i.e. homelessness).

Here's the website where you can check out the winner and/or hear all the speach/speeches:

I will tell you this much, the winner was a poet, a social workers, and a woman...

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