Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Way Over the Line

Michelle Bachmann, candidate for the US House in the 6th Congressional District in MN is in a heated race with child-safety advocate Patty Wetterling. Bachmann appeared recently on a Sunday morning at the Living Word Christian Center in Brooklyn Park where pastor Mac Hammond personally endorsed her and then turned the stage over to her so she could give her testimony. You can see the portion of her testimony here where she talks about fasting for three days before God told her it was the right thing for her to do to run for Congress. She also says that it is God who has made this one of the top three congressional races in the country. You can also read about it in the Star Tribune here.

Hammond regularly runs television ads touting his prosperity gospel: if you follow God you will become rich, which is what God wants for you. But aside from the fact that his message has nothing to do with the gospel of Jesus, his church should lose its tax exempt status immediately. He has since acknowledged that what he did was wrong, and has promised not to do it again. That's what every criminal caught in the act says.

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