Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Wow to the news

Taking Susan's advice on my long weekend away, I saw or heard no news. And couldn't believe it when I came back. The worst and saddest news was out of my home state of Pennsylvania where the Amish children were killed and wounded.

But the political news was awful for Republicans. Condi Rice had a briefing from George Tenet in June about a potential terrorist attack, first denied it happened, then was forced to admit it but it didn't contain "new" information. That and other disclosures in Bob Woodward's knew book have the White House in panic and attack mode.

Rep. Mark Foley is forced to resign after it was disclosed he has a thing for sixteen year old male pages. Republican leaders who knew of his interests but did nothing about them are now scrambling to blame each other.

Glad to be back from the North Shore and really glad today I am not a Republican.

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