Wednesday, November 08, 2006

4th Grade Metaphysics and Theology

While talking to each other in the van today, my daughter told me that she sometimes she felt like she and the world around her were all part of a giant videogame.

A natural worrier myself, I immediately imagined that she was feeling powerless and totally not in control of her life. (We don't own the standard videogame equipment at our house and her experience is limited to computer pin ball and an occasional arcade game so you can see why I was worried.) I probed with several more questions. She said she felt empowered and in control of her life. So I didn't further cross-examine her. Apparently she was having her first expressed "metaphysical/theological moment" and was sharing it with me!

I knew better than to get into a long esoteric discussion about free will, predestination, etc...But it came totally out of the blue and caught me off guard. I kind of dropped it after determining she was not uncomfortable with this feeling and feels that she has the power to make choices and has free will and also reassured her that she can tell me if she feels powerless about anything in her life and we will at least discuss it.

Anyone have any words of advice to share on where to take this with her when I check back and follow up on this later?

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