Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Awesome Night

It wasn't a perfect night as friends Coleen Rowley, running for US Congress in MN-2, and Mike Germain, running for State Senate in SD37 lost. And Governor Pawlenty squeaked by Mike Hatch.

But it was an awesome night at both the national and state levels. A convincing majority in the US House and a probable majority in the Senate will put the brakes on the train wreck that is the Bush Administration.

In Minnesota, in the south metro the dominoes fell all night as Republican legislators went down to defeat in "reliably" Republican territory. For this I am most pleased. And Pawlenty, like Bush, will have to learn to work with a legislature controlled by the opposition.

Tired this morning, but very, very happy.

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ProgressiveChurchlady said...

I'm trying to really savor the day. I tend to go too quickly to "the dark side" of victory. But I can't help thinking a couple things...

Given the state of our nation and its relationship to the world, it seems to me that the victories yesterday should have larger and more numerous. We are still clearly a divided nation. How deeply do we have to sink before people start to think?

What about all those who didn't vote yesterday? I want each and every one of them to not feel so hopeless and disenfranchised that they've given up totally on democracy.

What about all the money that was spent on these election cycle wars. Many of the campaigns were ugly wars. If we had a system that really curtailed the money issues, what great things could instead be done with that money!? In one state legislative race alone, over $150,000 was spent. This is UNBELIEVABLE and should be UNACCEPTABLE.

Yesterday was a snapshot of an everchanging political landscape of the United States. I'm so extremely thankful that there are people who are my friends who still have the energy and endurance to keep trying to be good stewards.