Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Prayers for Friends and Friendships

Yesterday I did a couple new things that are going to bring me new or deeper friendships.
The friends I will come to know by "font" but may never meet, will come from reading posts because I subscribed to the Voices of Spirit listserve yesterday. Liberal pastor was hoping to go to the conference this group held last weekend but was thwarted by a snowstorm. Since I'm very recent to COB denomination, I wanted to learn more about this group and see what they were writing about on the listserve. (I will say the last 24 hours lurking on the list have been interesting.)
Secondly I attended my first meeting as one of two new people called by the liberalchurch congregation to the Pastoral Leadership team last evening. While I've already come to know the others in this group, I know our understanding of each other will deepen by being a part of this group.
Today ?coincidently? two friendship prayers came my way. The prayer for the day on Beliefnet is for "New Friendships". The other friendship prayer was offered in tribute to someone who had been a part of the Vocies of Spirit group.
Here they both are...
Prayer for New Friendships
I honor the place in you where the Spirit of Truth of the entire Universe resides. I honor the place in you, of Love, of Light, of Truth and of Peace. I honor the place in you, where if you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, there is no experience of separation.
Friendship "in kinship with Wisdom there is immortality, and in friendship with her, pure delight." Wisdom 8:17
Today I am immensely grateful for friends who come in all shapes and flavors,who love me as I am with my strengths and with my never-may-be-transformed foibles. I am keenly aware of their touches of goodness. Their warm, considerate elements of care are comfort and encouragement to me. They leave my heart more open and alive. I thank you for every friend I have, for each one brings me a unique gift of love. You, Cherished Wisdom, are astir amid all these loves. You are the gold within every loving relationship. You are the faithfulness in long-enduring friendships. You are the energy of endless goodness in each of us. Thank you for those who have let me into their hearts. May I be a woman/man of love for all whom I meet. May understanding and kindness be the gifts I give. Today I hold in my heart those whom I call "friend," and I entrust them into your compassionate care. I also bring with me the many in my world who question if they are capable of being lovable, those whose love has died, choked in the weeds of bitterness, betrayal, doubt, or despair. Keep reassuring those who feel friendless that they have the ability to love and be loved.

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