Thursday, December 07, 2006

Hillary For President?

Arianna Huffington captures the essence of Hillary Clinton perfectly in this editorial:
WHILE THE country is urgently engaged in finding a way out of the quagmire in Iraq, Hillary Rodham Clinton is busy holding private dinners for key Democrats from primary states and remaining curiously silent on the subject of Iraq. Indeed, as she has transformed herself over the last few years from first lady to presumptive presidential front-runner, the profile that has emerged is that of a politician more comfortable following than leading.

There are politicians with great instincts as leaders — those who recognize not just the crises directly in front of them but those around the corner as well. (And these leadership instincts come from the gut, not from a multitude of consultants, strategists and pollsters.) And then there are politicians with great instincts as followers — those who are the first to stick their fingers in the air and notice even the slightest shift in the wind of popular opinion.

Clinton is in the latter category: She is the quintessential political weather vane...
Who is Hillary Clinton? She is certainly bright enough and experienced enough to be President. But she has morphed into a careful, bland, finger-to-the-wind politician who desperately wants to be President. We can find a better Democratic nominee.

Still, if she were the Democratic nominee I would vote for her. She would be far better than the current President and better than McCain or any other likely Republican. And... Bill would be back in the White House. That would be fun.

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