Friday, December 08, 2006

Winter is Here

Open Circle Update Newsletter article this week:

Winter has arrived in Minnesota, and I have already heard from some of you that you don't like it. I also realize that it is a little easier for me to like since I am not a commuter and can sit inside a warm house and be protected from the elements. Still...

I welcome the coming of winter every year. It forces me to slow down, to bundle up, to think more carefully about even the most simple task like walking outside in the morning to get the newspaper.

Winter's inescapable return reminds me outwardly of the inescapable seasons of cold, barrenness, and darkness in my spiritual journey. Neither can be rushed; I can "go south", of course (to Florida outwardly and to addictions inwardly) but I can't rush the season when it comes. It has its own time frame.

Winter invites inner work: cocooning, reading, writing, thinking, sitting, tying flies (or knitting, baking, etc.). It has its own incredible beauty: the sound of snow falling, the form of leafless trees, Cardinals and Chickadees, walks in the woods. It makes time spent with friends and family more special.

I may be crazy but I can't imagine living where it doesn't freeze and snow.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jay...

You can't imagine where it doesn't freeze, but as native Minnesotans (and 40 year former residents of northern MN) we've found it mighty easy to get used to winter in San Diego. Maybe some day you'll get old enough to feel the same way. Meantime, best wishes and keep up the good work.

Phil Weiler