Thursday, January 25, 2007

Bachmann on Parade

She was an embarrassment when she was in the State legislature so it is no surprise that she is an even bigger embarrassment in Washington:

From the Drudge Report to the New York Times political blog, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann was all the buzz online Wednesday thanks to her exuberant greeting of President Bush at Tuesday's State of the Union address.

A video clip from the event on captures the Republican congresswoman as she grabs the president's shoulder and holds on to him for almost 30 seconds before kissing him. KSTP-TV Channel 5 news director Chris Berg said that by late Wednesday afternoon, the Bachmann-and-Bush video had received more than 343,000 hits and the station had received hundreds of comments from viewers.

Even though she is on a bigger stage, I am so glad she is out of the state legislature.

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ProgressiveChurchlady said...

Michelle Bachmann's family values...sexual predator! I had flashbacks of "that woman" from the Clinton administration.

I haven't read other blogs but I'm sure that comparison is being made by someone besides me.