Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Finally, A Consensus on Global Warming

Front page on the Wall Street Journal this morning:

The global-warming debate is shifting from science to economics.

For years, the fight over the Earth's rising temperature has been mostly over what's causing it: fossil-fuel emissions or natural factors beyond man's control. Now, some of the country's biggest industrial companies are acknowledging that fossil fuels are a major culprit whose emissions should be cut significantly over time...

Even Exxon Mobil, the company that has funded bogus anti-global warming science all over the globe, is relenting. Naturally, every company is looking out for its own financial interests and wants whatever financial pain that is going to be inflicted in the response to be born by someone else. And lots of companies, like DuPont, have shifted to thinking about how to make a profit from whatever new technologies come down the pike.

But finally the battle over the science of global warming is largely over. Chalk one up to Al Gore.

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