Tuesday, January 16, 2007

McCain Panders to Dobson

Sen. John McCain once had a claim to being a maverick legislator who could appeal across the political spectrum. But after getting pasted by Bush in 2000 after Bush successfully portrayed McCain as too liberal to the religious right, McCain has decided he needs to pander to the right-wing religious movement. First it was Pat Robertson and now it is James Dobson:
Sen. John McCain said Tuesday he hopes to patch things up with conservative Christian leader James Dobson, who recently said he wouldn't support the Republican's presidential bid under any circumstances.
McCain should be proud to have Dobson spurning him. Dobson represents the very worst of Christianity. And what worked in 2000 isn't going to work in 2008. The country is tiring of wedge issues and the corrupt and dishonest politicians who have used them to their benefit. And the influence of Dobson's ilk is declining as younger evangelicals become more less concerned about wedge issues and more interested in following the actual teachings of Jesus.

I wonder how our Governor feels about this. At the very moment when he is working studiously to move to the center he is announced as a campaign coordinator for a candidate that is tacking hard right on the war and on "religious" values.

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