Thursday, January 11, 2007

Message Not Received

Newsletter Post This Week:

Last night our Leader spoke to us. He told us he was sending 20,000 more troops to Iraq. He is doing this despite the fact that the American people don't support it, Congress doesn't support it, the military leadership doesn't support it, and even the Iraqi's don't support it. But he, our Leader, believes he knows what is best for us. Trust him; he is our Leader.

The problem for me is that I don't trust him. I do not believe he is in touch with reality. I do not believe he is in any way qualified to figure out how to get us out of the mess he has gotten us into. I do not believe he listens to any advice that contradicts what he believes. I do not even believe at this point that he cares about the consequences of his actions apart from how it might affect his legacy.

It is clear to me now that the message of the last election was not received by our Leader. So, before 3000 more American soldiers die and tens of thousands more Iraqis die, we are going to have to redouble our efforts to call for a change in policy. Our elected officials need to hear from us about this. Call or write your Senator and Congressman/woman.

Tonight, I will be joining thousands around the country in a vigil of protest against the war. Yesterday morning when I got online to see where the vigils were being held around the twin cities, there were two planned. By the end of the day there were ten. I will be at an event outside the offices of Rep. John Kline (at the corner of Burnsville Parkway and Nicollet Avenue in Burnsville), who has indicated his support for our Leader's plan. I invite you to join me, or find an event near your home, and peacefully register your protest to escalating this war.

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