Friday, February 09, 2007

Living the High Life

The life-styles of the rich and famous... Mac Hammond owns a large home in Plymouth with a pool. He also owns a private plane. He owns two Florida condos worth more than $3 million. A Lexus and a Porsche are registered under his name, three boats too.

A CEO or successful business entrepreneur? Sort of. Mac Hammond is a pastor of Living Word Christian Center in Brooklyn Park. The Christian part is a bit suspect as Hammond preaches a gospel of wealth, and he certainly qualifies as a perfect role model.

But the fact that he pays no taxes on his homes and received a sweet-heart loan to purchase the plane which he then leases back to the church for more money has drawn the interest of a watch-dog group, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics, which is asking the IRS to take a closer look at the churches finances.

This is the same pastor who personally endorsed Rep. Michelle Bachmann during the last election and said he was going to vote for her even though he didn't live in her district.

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