Saturday, March 03, 2007

Dobson to Evangelicals - We Don't Care about Global Warming

James Dobson is one of a breed of rigid evangelical leaders who is seeing his influence wane among mainstream evangelicals. This week he fired off a missive calling for the firing of National Association of Evangelicals official Rev. Richard Cizik because Cizik believes that global warming is real and thinks evangelicals should care and do something about it. From the Washington Post:

Focus on the Family founder James C. Dobson and other conservative Christian leaders are calling for the National Association of Evangelicals to silence or fire an official who has urged evangelicals to take global warming seriously.

In a letter this week to the board of the NAE, which claims 30 million members, Dobson and his two dozen co-signers said the Rev. Richard Cizik, the NAE's vice president for government relations, has waged a "relentless campaign" that is "dividing and demoralizing" evangelicals.

Cizik has been a leader in efforts to broaden evangelicals' political agenda beyond abortion and same-sex marriage. He says Christians have a biblical imperative to protect the environment, which he calls "creation care."

Actually Dobson addressed the letter to the NAE which is meeting here in Minnesota this week. But instead of letting the NAE Board see it first he gave it to the media. Said acting NAE director Rev. Leith Anderson:
I guess that says it all.
It does indeed. Dobson knows as much about global warming as Michael Crichton does. Nothing.

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