Thursday, March 08, 2007

Holy Cow!

A wearwolf in Wisconsin and carnivorous cows near Calcutta--this article from the AP caught my eye.

Farmer discovers his cow is eating chickens
Associated Press
Last update: March 08, 2007 – 7:33 AM

CALCUTTA, India — When his chickens started disappearing, a farmer in India thought dogs or jackals were to blame.
He was surprised when he discovered the culprit was one of his cows. The farmer got up early and caught the chicken-eating cow in the act.
The local veterinarian says he's never heard of a cow turning carnivorous. He says cows eat grass and other vegetarian food but not poultry.
The farmer and his calf have become local celebrities in the village about 150 miles southwest of Calcutta. Hundreds of people have flocked to the farm to see for themselves and the man and his cow have been on T.V.

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