Saturday, March 10, 2007

Light Posting

Posting has been light this week due to computer problems and a busy schedule. I don't know what happened to my computer but when I turned it on everything on the hard drive and the attached flash drive was gone, and the flash drive was dead. So it might have been a power surge of some kind. In any case, my computer was in its 4th year and out of its extended warranty period so I am posting this from a new laptop. But the best part about this story is that about two years ago I started using an online backup service called Mozy, which automatically makes incremental backups of your hard drive several times a day, as long as you have a high speed connection. I never pay any attention to it and have never had occasion to try to restore files from its service. Until this week, and what a joy to go online there and be able to download every file. They are not the only company offering this service, but it is definitely worth the price. It's free until you hit a certain size backup. Anyway hopefully I will be back on more regularly.

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