Wednesday, March 14, 2007

NAE Supports Cizik on Global Warming

James Dobson and Tony Perkins and Gary Bauer and their ilk have been the visible voice of evangelical Christianity for a long time, but it appears that things are changing. After distributing a letter to the press calling for the National Association of Evangelicals to distance itself from the views of Richard Cizik, NAE Washington Policy Director, who has been pressing evangelicals to speak out on the dangers of global warming, the NAE meeting in Minneapolis this week not only ignored their letter but broadened their social justice agenda:

However, the association board not only stood behind Cizik, but also further broadened the group's agenda with a statement condemning torture, which charged that in pursuing the war on terror, the United States had crossed "boundaries of what is legally and morally permissible."

But one of the board members, the Rev. Paul de Vries, said, "It ought to be God's agenda, not the Republican Party's agenda, that drives us.

"We're actually tired of being represented by people with a very narrow focus," he said. "We want to have a focus as big as God's focus."

Imagine that: Christians speaking out against torture. Or perhaps one might wonder how a Christian could ever justify the use of torture. That really boggles the imagination.

The most amusing quote from this article:

But Dobson and the other signatories of the letter to the National Association of Evangelicals board said evidence supporting global warming was not conclusive and that the organization "lacks the expertise to settle the controversy."

"The issue should be addressed scientifically and not theologically," they said, calling on the group's board to either rein in Cizik or encourage him to resign.

Would that be the same science that teaches us about evolution?

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