Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Atheists Duke It Out

There are athiests who just want to get along with their theistic religious counterparts and those who want to take them on, and according to Newsweek they are fighting among themselves:
At the center of this controversy is the humanist chaplain of Harvard University, a 30-year-old "secular rabbi" named Greg Epstein. In March, in remarks to the Associated Press, Epstein called the popular writers Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins "atheist fundamentalists." He accused the best-selling authors—he now includes Christopher Hitchens among them—of being more interested in polemics, in tearing down and waging war on religion than in doing anything positive; his own responsibility, he says, is to speak out for the positive aspects of disbelief. "My problem with the atheists," he told NEWSWEEK, "is not that they're saying God doesn't exist. What I'm saying is we've got to build something." (Harris calls the term atheist fundamentalist "an empty play on words.")
Human nature is human nature. I seem to remember a story about that somewhere.

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Glad to see you back liberalpastor! It has been lonely on the blog posts.