Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Sojourners Discriminates

I didn't watch the "discussions" last evening because I was otherwise occupied. However being made aware of the controversy ahead of time, I would have boycotted it had I been able to watch.

If anyone watched the "debate" last night, please let me know what you thought/think. Or, if like me, you don't want Sojourners conducting the presidential primaries ahead of time by who they invite on the airwaves, please share your thoughts as comments!

June 4, 2007
Hello Kucinich Supporters,
As you may know Sojourners is producing a program with presidential candidates Obama, Clinton and Edwards but has chosen not to include Kucinich, Dodd, Biden, Richardson and Gravel.
CNN will broadcast this program tonight from 7-8 pm.
Last night after the CNN debate in Manchester, NH Dennis Kucinich personally talked to the president of CNN, who agreed with the Congressman that excluding these candidates is inappropriate. As a result CNN will air a special show starting at 8 pm. Paula Zahn will spend 1 hour interviewing the 5 Candidates left out by Sojourner. She will talk with these presidential candidates about spirituality and religious issues.

Dennis Kucinich will appear on this show at 8:30 pm Eastern Time (7:30 Central; 6:30 Mountain; 5:30 Pacific).
Please forward this message widely, send it especially to your friends who are aware of the Sojourner controversy.

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