Monday, January 28, 2008

Clinton and Obama Voting No on Cloture

This is good news. The Senate Democratic leadership is in danger of caving into White House pressure to pass a FISA bill that gives telecoms immunity for aiding the government in illegal wiretapping. The bill was stalled last year thanks to Sen. Chris Dodd, who threatened his own party with a filibuster. Sen Harry Reid is planning to bring it back and Dodd is again threatening to filibuster. Up to this point the Democratic frontrunners in the Presidential race have been saying the right thing but very carefully. But Firedoglake is reporting that Obama and Clinton are heading back to Washington to vote:
According to the Clinton campaign, Hillary Clinton will be in the Senate tomorrow to vote "no" on cloture on the Intel version of the FISA bill. The vote is scheduled to take place at 4:30 pm tomorrow.

I've also been trying to confirm whether Barack Obama will be there. His campaign people have not gotten back to me, but Obama does have a 4pm fundraiser scheduled in Washington DC.

Bravo, Senator Clinton. Well done.

UPDATE: The Obama campaign confirms that Senator Obama will be there too, and voting "no." Way to go, Senator.

This is doing the right thing and not the politically expedient thing. Good for them. Now we need to get our MN Senators to vote the right way.

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