Monday, January 21, 2008

Obama is a Christian

Not that it matters to me; it doesn't. I care not about his religion but about his character, experience, and platform. This piece of news, for instance, speaks well to me of his experience of the world:
Obama's middle name is Hussein. His father and stepfather were Muslim. And he spent part of his childhood in Indonesia, a largely Muslim country.
But because of this he feels the need to clearly state his Christian credentials while campaigning in South Carolina:
...and campaign representatives blanketed South Carolina churches Sunday with literature that touted Obama's Christian faith.

One piece features photos of Obama praying with the words "COMMITTED CHRISTIAN" in large letters across the middle. It says Obama will be a president "guided by his Christian faith" and includes a quote from him saying, "I believe in the power of prayer."

A second piece, which like the first doesn't mention the Muslim rumor, includes photos of Obama with his family and a caption that says they are active members of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. It explains how as a young man Obama "felt a beckoning of the spirit and accepted Jesus Christ into his life."

George Bush could have spoken these same words, and I have no doubt he, like Obama, speaks truthfully about his religious faith. But Bush's personal religious faith has had no bearing on the kind of President he has turned out to be. Good Christian men can apparently still be very bad Presidents. So I would wish for a little less God talk on the campaign trail and a little more focus on policy and plans.

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