Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Red Wine and Cancer Prevention

Red wine is now my "alcholoic beverage of choice"--for health reasons. By now, most of us have read or heard that red wine has high value as a wellness beverage if imbibed in reasonable quantities on a regular basis. But what I have been pondering is whether one variety of red wine has a higher amount of the antioxident and anti-inflammatory properties (a phytoestrogen called resveratrol) than other varieties. In other words when I drink a toast to health with my friends, should we be sipping merlot, cabernet, or pinot noir?

The Prevent Cancer Foundation's spring edition of Cancer Prevention Works reports the answer to my question! A Cornell University study found that pinot noir has more potent levels of resveratrol than cabernet or merlot.

Another study conducted by researchers at the U of Alabama Birmingham and recently published in the journal of Carcinogenesis, has also found that resveratrol is quite powerful particularly in the prevention of the most aggressive type of prostate cancer.

Sante' mon ami!

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Anthony Loera said...

Wine has only been shown to be good for the cardiovascular system... the amount of resveratrol that was shown in studies, to help against cancer would have you drink hundreds of bottles of wine in a day...

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