Friday, February 22, 2008

The Calling of Liberalchurch

If the calling of liberalchurch is to minister to the GLBT population south of the river, then why did only 2 members maintain a faithful witness at the monthly P-Flag meetings that liberalchurch hosted? (And one of them was a hetromember with 3 gay sons and the other a hetro mother of 2 children with no GLBT family members?)

While I think Liberalchurch is inclusive and accepting of all people, I personally think that it is understating things to say that providing a safe place of worship for GLBT persons is the "calling" of Liberalchurch.

Those who are already GLBT members of Liberalchurch seem to want, for the most part, to forget about the fact that they are a member of a sexual minority. They come to Open Circle precisely because they do not want to be defined by their sexuality.

It seems to me that the larger calling of Liberalchurch is to be a witness for Progressive Christianity to people in the Twin Cities Metro area -- regardless of their sexuality. Providing a safe place of worship to GLBT persons is just one aspect of a much larger calling!

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Anonymous said...

You beat me to it. I was going to post this same sentiment yesterday.
Thank you. I'd say that it's also a very dicey situation to attempt to define "the" calling of ANY association or group of people...
Nice church none the less! :-)