Tuesday, March 04, 2008

It's Primary Day in Ohio. Who would Alex P. Keaton Vote For?

One family at Liberalchurch refers to their son as an "Alex P. Keaton".

Today's New York Times has a column by the creator of the 80s hit sit-com Family Ties, Gary David Goldberg, in which he responds to the burning question: "Who would Alex P. Keaton vote for in today's Ohio primary election?" (The Keaton family--as you may recall if you watched as much t.v. in the 80s as I did--lived somewhere in suburban Cleveland, Ohio. Ohio's primary for those who are totally politically disenfranchised is today along with Texas and others.)

Would Alex cast his vote for Clinton, Obama, McCain, Huckabee, or Paul? Post your guess in the comments, then read this clever piece by GDG. It is also hilarious to note that the actor who played Alex (Michael J. Fox) and Alex's creator Goldberg differ on what Alex would be doing today. I agree with Fox's interpretation of MPK's life since the 80's. Along with Fox, I believe that MPK listened to the Gordon Gecko speech by Michael Douglass in the movie Wall Street one too many times back in his formative years. He's probably about to exit a minimum security prison term following a guilty plea for an insider trading scheme gone bad. Or maybe it was junk bonds? Or pension plan looting? Write it whatever way you'd like and watch the classic reruns of the Keaton clan when you can!

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