Friday, March 07, 2008

Two Men and a Computer

That is what we call the Taxpayers League of Minnesota, the anti-tax group that generates lots of publicity about the evils of taxation in MN, but has only a couple of names attached to its endless stream of press releases and its website.

I mention them because in Neal St. Anthony's column in today's Star Tribune, he comments on the fact that the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, which recently backed the first gas tax increase in 20 years in the state, has taken little flack from its members for its sensible stance that it is time to put an end to the traffic gridlock that is hurting Minnesota businesses. How many resignations did the chamber receive? St. Anthony tells us:

Mike Wigley, the founder of the decade-old Taxpayers League of Minnesota, a vocal anti-tax lobby, this week encouraged like-minded folks to drop their chamber memberships in retaliation for the organization's helping write legislation that includes a 5-cent-per-gallon gas tax hike by the end of this year and 8.5 cents by 2013.

Chamber CEO David Olson said that he's aware of two cancellations from the 2,400-member group.

Two men with their computer.

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