Monday, April 28, 2008

Much Ado about Racism--but what about Sexism?

Rev. Wright, Barak Obama's former retired pastor, got the Obama campaign into hot water when the press took sound bites from his previously delivered sermons out of context and brought them into the public view. Both he and Obama have had to pick up the pieces and do much defensive work over the past month. I'm sure the Obama camp hopes this issue will be put to rest by Wright's speech to the NAACP last night.

It is interesting that the bigger elephant in the campaign besides Racism (and no--I don't mean McCain's Republican elephant) has not been mentioned yet. I'm talking about Sexism! I believe this is because the campaigns are just too afraid of it. They don't know what to do with this explosive issue.

Blacks have had equal protection written into the Constitution by amendment but women haven't. This is a plain and simple fact. If you want to talk about oppression of a group of humans--let's talk about women. Just pick up your Bible and read if you want to understand how Feminine Rage might still be alive and thriving. It seems, however, that for the time being, it is underground and not a campaign issue because no one is quite sure how to address it.

Though silent, feminist rage (and the fear of it) is there in this election cycle in spades--no racist pun intended!

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