Monday, May 05, 2008

Wonders of Technology

Last night my son sent me a text message asking me to edit a paper for him. He is a freshman at the University of MN. We used a program by Microsoft called SharedView that allows us both to see his paper at the same time; I could highlight sections that I thought needed rewording, or make spelling corrections myself to his paper; I could see the changes he was making; and we could chat while working. It requires a fast internet connection on both ends, but it is quite nifty.

It just doesn't seem all that long ago when I was typing college papers on an IBM Selectric.


ProgressiveChurchlady said...

We still have our IBM Selectric in the basement. It got me through law school and my husband through a Masters and Ph.D. theses. We have kept it for ?why? sentimental reasons?

I guess it is really time to put it out for the Liberalchurch garage sale! Or perhaps donate it to a museum for historic communication and writing technology!

Thanks for this reminder as I'm trying to rid myself of "stuff" to which I have emotional attachment, but which has no useful purpose and is just taking up space. Very hard for me.

sam said...

I am a big fan and user of internet technology. One of my greatest concerns is the ease with which we can AVOID communicating with each other directly (by phone or in person). The ShadedView software you describe sure seems like one that can offer increased communication.