Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Barack and Hillary

There were news reports today that Hillary was indicating an interest in the VP job. You wouldn't have known it from here speech tonight. It was all about her and the "18 million" who voted for her. She had an opportunity tonight on a national stage to unite the party and to tell her supporters that it was time to turn their sights on John McCain. She didn't mention McCain once. She was defiant when she needed to be gracious.

Barack has no equal in his ability to draw large, young, and enthusiastic crowds. One of my college student church members called me from the Xcel, where he was speaking. She was thrilled; she represents the generation that will put Barack over the top in the general election. It is a hopeful sign to see millions of young people like her caring about what is happening in this country and getting involved in the political process.

Barack was extremely gracious to Hillary and Bill. He acknowledged the service and accomplishments of both of them. He acknowledged the national service of McCain and then took issues with his policies not his person. He spoke again about the need for change. He rose to the occasion of this historic moment. It's just too bad Hillary wouldn't let him have his moment.

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progressivechurchlady said...

I think that Obama claimed his moment last night just fine.

Let's hope his even bigger moment comes the night he speaks to accept the party's nomination at the DNC in Denver in August.

Hillary did exactly what she needed to do as the first woman presidential candidate. She didn't give up, she didn't give in to the press and her critics. There was no reason for her to drop out to unify the party. There is still plenty of time for that.

Hillary gave Obama the run of his life which even he acknowledged has made him a much stronger canidate against McCain. He is, after all, relatively inexperienced as a candidate!

Hillary is a credit to her party and to women in public service. I hope Obama gives her more than the lip service he gave her last night. I think I heard him saying "Secretary of Health and Human Services". I doubt he's going to offer her the Vice Presidency.

And now, taking a cue from Obama's own speech at the XCel Energy Center last night, I will start to repeat my new mantra which I will be using through November, "Anyone but a Republican".