Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Church of Craft

Last summer during LiberalChurch's bi-monthly Simplicity Circle discussion group, we had a conversation one night about the intersection of community and simplicity. I expressed to the group that I have many different communities because I am much happier in smaller groups than in larger groups. I often joke with myself and others that I have MANY churches that I belong to. I feel that in addition to the two "real" churches I am a member of, I am also a member of "The Church of Girl Scouts", I occasionally attend "The Church of the Local DFL" but due to my problems with the separation of Church and State I've found my involvement in the latter to be more troublsome as of late.

I'm also a member of a crafting group that meets weekly at each others' homes. One of the women in this group hangs up her fabric sign "Therapy in Session" when she is hosting and jokes that it is free therapy. Yesterday was my turn to host. During my morning e-mail readings I opened up one from Beliefnet which gave me 10 Tips for a More Spiritual Summer. One of the tips was to create something--anything--be it music, art, crafts etc...That particular suggestion gave a link to The Church of Craft. I have finally found a nondenominational group to which I'd be honored to be ordained!

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