Friday, June 06, 2008

Move Over Guitar Hero and Wii Fitness!

This is exciting news to me for my children. Little do they know it, but the have a very big year of homeschooling of civics ahead of them!

Between Justice Sandra Day O'Conner's new video games on the U.S. judiciary system, the nominating conventions of the two major political parties (one they will watch on t.v. and another they will watch me protest live), and which anticipates to be a heated summer of national, and local political campaigning, this is the year when they will finally connect their political hearts to their political heads--they have some significant catching up to do in the "head" category as witnessed by my younger daughter asking my husband and I Tuesday night at 9:15 while watching the primary election season draw to a close, "Who is that dude anyway?" (She was a ver y disappointed Hillary supporter at that moment.) Appalled, my husband and I both looked at her and said, you better get to know Barak Obama now because he's going to be the next president of the United States of America!

When they get bored and jaded by the partisan politics, they can tune off the media on on to judicial video games!

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