Thursday, June 05, 2008

PDA's by Lesbians at Ball Game Cause Trouble

Two women attending a Seattle Mariner's ballgame were apparently asked by an usher to stop kissing because a fan found it offensive:
As the Mariners played the Boston Red Sox on May 26, Sirbrina Guerrero and her date were approached in the third inning by an usher who told them their kissing was inappropriate, Guerrero said.

The usher, Guerrero said, told them he had received a complaint from a woman nearby who said that there were kids in the crowd of nearly 36,000 and that parents would have to explain why two women were kissing.

What is to explain? They love each other; they kiss; it's pretty straightforward. If the kids ask questions about what they are seeing it's a teachable moment.

This story calls to mind a poignant moment some years ago at church when a mother of two teenage children, who thought of herself as very progressive, approached me after church and asked me to talk to one of our lesbian couples and ask them if they would stop putting their arms around each other in church. As in one of them reaching around the back of the chair and resting her arm on the chair back behind her partner. It was making their children uncomfortable, she said. I must confess that I responded with a less than tactful question about who was really being made uncomfortable. A couple of weeks later her spouse called and told me they were not coming back.

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progressivechurchlady said...

I just read this story this afternoon too. I'm glad to see it is getting so much press and you beat me to posting it because I didn't have the time when I read it.

We must bring homophobics out of the closet when they start to discriminate before they can cause damage out in the greater community. It is the only way we as Christians can create change. Good job Liberalpastor! Sometimes doing the right thing makes you unpopular (or lose members, or lose your income...)

My angle had I had time to post it was going to be the "how much is too much" when it comes to public displays of affection. I went to a concert of my favorite performer about 9 years ago having paid a premium for my ticket. In front of me was a hetrosexual couple in the seats directly in front of me that as the concert progress did about everything but totally disrobe. It was all I could do to shout in their ears "why don't you please just go rent a room?" They distracted me from my enjoyment of the concert immensely.

To me, the question we need to be discussing what point do PDAs become offensive--regardless of the sexual orientation of the couple. This is a much more difficult question. I'm no prude--but I do have limits. It's like the old Supreme Court opinion stating the definition of pornography, one justice wrote, "I know it when I see it."