Friday, August 22, 2008

"It's Not yours, it's God's, and you're not going to get it"

This is what Rev. Kenneth Copeland says about the records of financial dealings between his ministries in Texas and the ministries of Rev. Hammond and his church in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.

One can only hope that greater transparency in non-profit finances and increased accountability to contributors is what this IRS investigation of Rev. Hammond and his church will ultimately lead to. Like James Baker before them, these "men of God" are in for some major heat. It just amazes me they are able to raise all that money.

...Now, where did I put that leaseback contract I drafted last night for the flat purchase in Florence?


James Hilden-Minton said...

LiberalChurchlady and Liberal Pastor,
Thank you for your blog. I have enjoy sifting through your posts.

I grew up pentecostal and was about 18 when the Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart stuff came out. It had a negative impact on me. It contributed to a crisis of faith that lasted about ten years. Fortunately, God has led me through all that and has given me a much greater faith than I ever had before.

People like Rev. Hammond probably have no idea how much faith they destroy by their unethical actions. Does the Holy Spirit still convict sinners?



MonDay AfternooN said...

Because of the Grassley "investigation," much attention has been brought to the Word of Faith movement. I am not a follower of any of the ministries in question, but I do realize Copeland's defense holds weight. I also recognize how the decision made in this case will affect all of us, not just the future of church organizations.

tyler said...

Monday - I agree with you. I have been watching this "investigation" for a while now. It seems that Grassley is yet again stretching for something to get Copeland on bringing Hammond into the picture. It also doesn't help his claim that his investigation is NOT about any certain denomination. Coincidence? Copeland will fight this to the end, and hopefully that will be soon.

allyson said...

Tyler, I have to agree with you. The recent nepotism attack followed up with the Hammond investigation sure does make Grassley appear desperate. Copeland obviously is going to stick this out, and Grassley seems to be dragging his feet now that he can't seem to move forward with what he had planned.

Luke said...

I find it ridiculous that the Grassley 'investigation' has not been concluded. It seems apparent that he did not find what he was looking for or he would have already pushed further with Copeland. It's time to end this thing.

Anonymous said...

luke - I have to agree with you. I have been watching this since the beginning. It has gone on way too long and Copeland will still not back down, which I am glad to see.