Friday, November 14, 2008

It's in Our Nature to Be Intolerant

Here is Craig Alan Myers of the BRF explaining why conservative Christians won't fully accept gays:

Put aside, for the moment, the double-speak of believing that homosexuality is a sin, and allowing–or forbearing–it openly. One of the whole obstacles to liberals understanding conservatives in the church is that liberals want conservatives to act like good liberals. They want us to accept liberal presuppositions. One of those presuppositions is inclusiveness. Conservatives do want to be as inclusive as the New Testament, but we also understand there are some exclusionary principles as well. For example, those who do not trust Christ do not go to Heaven, based on John 14:6. 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 also speak of those who formerly practiced gross sins, and would not have entered the presence of God if they remained in their sins, and now have been saved from those sins.

Liberals have tolerated conservatives–and you might want to check how much conservatives have been tolerated (it may not be really as much as you believe)–because it is a liberal value to be inclusive. To exclude us would go against a liberal core value, and be perceived as “intolerant.”

Apparently it is a conservative core value to be intolerant.


Anonymous said...

You just love mischaracterizing fellow Brethren, don't you?

It is a core conservative value to believe the truth, and to stand against sin. If that makes conservatives intolerant, fine. You probably believe 2 + 2 = 4. That is narrow, and intolerant, as well.

If you had been reading the Dunker Journal for the last six years (as I have), you'd know that Bro. Myers just re-posted this from early on in 2002, and again earlier this year.

Would it be too much for you to pay attention? Apparently it isn't a liberal core value.

liberal pastor said...

In what way am I mischaracterizing Craig? I quoted his post in full. I let him speak for himself. For you to say, or for me to have acknowledged, that he is just repeating something he said earlier changes nothing.