Saturday, November 22, 2008

Let Go, Let God

Here's the offering from The First 30 Days newsletter today. I love it! It's worth sharing. I will quickly add as a caveat that you must care that the result doesn't turn out too wrong or you will not be putting any bread on the table, or raising self-sufficient children, etc..! I know so many people (and sometimes myself) who just need to "let go" and get out of their own way. Wasn't there a cute catch phrase back in the 80s or 90s...Let Go, Let God?


Who Cares If It Turns Out Right?

"It is what it is" feels like the most overused phrase of the past couple years, but it's also the most apropos for this idea. When we adopt that kind of attitude in the right circumstance, great things can happen.

Take work, for instance. Much as we try and manage every little detail of every little project, things just don't always go according to plan. Whether you work for someone else or have started your own business, it helps to take the pressure off by remembering that you can't force things to go exactly as you want them to.

It also helps to step away. Many good and even great ideas come from the times when we allow our minds to unconsciously work around a problem. Think about it—how many "A-ha!" moments have come on a long run, in the shower or while you were otherwise engaged?

Letting go is one of those things you can apply to business and daily life in general. Sometimes, the process is much more exciting and worthwhile than the end result. It's where the real learning is! So worry less about whether something turns out right, and try to focus more on what you're experiencing as you get there.

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