Monday, December 15, 2008

13 Ways to Make Friends

We are now deep into the Holiday Season. Many of us experience a feeling of blues or loneliness during the holiday season for a variety of reasons.

Some have difficulty connecting with people in a meaningful way during the holidays. Despite the hustle and bustle (or because of it) we don't get time to meaningfully connect with people--unless you are stuck in a corner at a cocktail party or seated across from someone at a dinner party. Otherwise it is just meaningless small talk.

Others are sad because we are missing loved ones separated by the 3Ds-- death, distance, and disease. We remember the "ghosts of Christmas past and know that some of those people are not with us to celebrate the holidays, others are lost to dementia or serious illness that renders them unable to celebrate as they have in the past. Still others know that they can not be with their family due to war, economics, or weather or a combination of all of these reasons.

Today has another wonderful post by Terese Borchard in her column from Beyond Blue on how we can make friends this holiday season.

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