Monday, December 15, 2008

Swinging Vicar Ousted

The same Michael Bird from the previous post takes note of the ouster of a vicar of the Church of England (quoting from a news article):
A Church of England priest who appeared drunk at three church services and told fellow clergy at a Christmas party that she and her husband were “swingers” has been banned for scandalous behavior. The Rev. Teresa Davies, formerly a team vicar serving St. Martin Church, Welton, Northamptonshire, was found guilty by a church tribunal and may not serve in any clergy role for at least 12 years. She officially resigned in August. “Throughout this process we have offered Teresa Davies appropriate pastoral support,” the Diocese of Peterborough said in a press statement. “We hope that she and her family will be able to move on in their lives.”
He can't help but take a potshot at the Episcopal Church:
I could imagine this in the USA (in TEC they would probably make her a bishop!)...

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