Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Church is not Progressive

So say's an emailer who didn't think too much of our church website:
I read a few disturbing things in the FAQ's on your church's website. One of the statements the most troubling is how your church does not believe the Bible to be the literal word of God. The scripture is God Breathed, and alive. Still Relevant. How can you believe parts of the bible, and not other parts of it? It has to be ALL true or none of it. You cannot pick which verses you like and disregard the rest. May God have mercy on the Pastors and staff of this church for they will be held accountable for misleading His people. The Bible says the darkest places in hell are reserved for false teachers. The church is not "progressive". Jesus Christ never changes, nor do His standards.


Anonymous said...

If you believe that there are contradictions or inconsistencies within the Bible, who do you turn to for discovering the truth? Who is this brain trust of liberal scholars that determines what you choose to believe and what you choose to dismiss?

If God has allowed his teachings to be jumbled in with a mess of false teachings, I would have to appeal to reason as being my ultimate authority in my search for truth as opposed to Scripture. And reason tells me that either this God does not exist or he just doesn't give a damn as he has allowed deception and truth to be canonized. I spit in the face of such an inadequate deity and will gladly go to hell.

To this end, on an intellectual level, I have more respect for the beliefs of a conservative evangelical and a nihilist than I have for those held by fuzzy, in-between religious clerics. If the Bible is inerrant, it would suck to be a progressive pastor on judgment day as you confessed the name of Christ as savior while teaching the falsity of his words. If it is not inerrant, well, I suppose Jesus Christ was either a lunatic or a liar or if he was God, we couldn't reach such a trustworthy conclusion as the gospel writers or contributors fed us a sufficient amount of bullshit to render the Bible's entirety as being divine crapwork.

Honestly, you have to go big or go home. There is no in between when it comes to Christianity. There is truth and there is falsity, i.e. if God exists. If God does not exist, then reason itsef does not exist. And if the Bible is not inerrant while claiming to be so, you have more faith than a conservative evangelical to believe anything that it says.

Moreover,you are making a risky wager. The conservative evangelical gets a free ride if he is wrong. It's not a sure thing for a liberal pastor who will be held responsible for how he influenced the hearts and minds of the church. If that fear does not scare you, then you must not be a true believer. Even conservative pastors cite this as being a huge fear as they would rather die than live to taint the reality of Christ through false teacing.

Do you really believe that Jesus Christ was God? Because you certainly cannot defend it if you deny the inerrancy of Scripture.

always_learning said...

anonymous' comment seems to come from some undealt with anger. Perhaps anonymous has not read all of the bible because the contradictions thoughout it are impossible to follow. How can I do one thing and than do the polar opposite which it asks me to do on so many occassions?