Friday, February 27, 2009

Organ Donation Myths

A friend and member of Liberalchurch found out quite recently that he must go to organ transplant training at the Mayo Clinic. He has disease that is causing his kidneys to fail and at some point, he will need to begin dialysis and get onto the transplant list. I have another friend since preschool days who is a successful kidney transplant recipient. The donor of his new kidney was someone he knew and was found during a local organ donation drive. As you may or may not know, some organs can be donated while you are still living, while others are "harvested" after you are dead. Either way, donating an organ sustains the life of another.

I'm looking into what is required to accomplish an organ donation drive through publicity efforts by LiberalChurch. While doing this research, I came upon this informative article from The Mayo Clinic which busts 10 Common Myths of making an organ donation. In the case of making a kidney donation, please pay particular attention to Myth #8!

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Anonymous said...

Excellent post, and thank you. FYI, if anyone in your community is considering living donation for this member or any one else, they can reach out to us at the Greatest Gift Foundation, a nonprofit that works to support living organ donors through their entire experience, from initial consideration through recovery and beyond. You can find us at Blessings!
Becky Waller
Living liver donor (2006)
President, Greatest Gift Foundation