Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Denominational Implosion

Staff cuts are coming fast and furious at the denominational headquarters. Last month the position of Director of District Ministries and the office of Mission Interpretation was eliminated. This week we learn that the Washington Office has been closed and staff let go, Congregational Life Team leaders are being let go (6 regional support staff), and the governing board of the denomination is being immediately reduced from 29 to 19 positions. Apparently more cuts are coming.

What is troubling about this is the way this is happening without warning and transparency, and with no apparent connection to ministry priorities. While everyone has known the budget was facing a shortfall there was no emergency appeal, no message that stuff cuts might be necessary, no communication apart from posting on the website that the cuts had happened - and some of these staff cuts are not even on the website yet, and no explanation at all about how these cuts fit in with ministry priorities. If there are any ministry priorities anymore.

We appear to be in total survival-mode.

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