Tuesday, May 26, 2009

In the Garden

Not the hymn. My garden this evening. I went out to fill the bird feeders and surprised a baby Pine Siskin. In 16 years of living here we have never had Pine Siskins at our feeders but since early spring we have had lots of them. I have counted as many as 15 in our yard. Their normal summer breeding range is northern MN up through Canada. But some of them are apparently breeding in the southern part of the state near our home.

The baby flew towards our deck and grabbed hold of one of the Clematis climbing along the deck. It hung upside down for a few moments in a comical position until it gathered itself and beat its wings enough to drop without injury to the ground. I walked down and knelt next to it; it didn't move until I reached out my hand. It flew back up under the feeder. So I went and got my camera.

When I came back out it was still there, eating thistle seeds. Since I had the camera outside I took a few other pictures. The Siberian Iris is in full bloom.

The Bleeding Heart was pretty much spent; it was beautiful this year.

I walked up the hill to check out some of our newest plantings and then walked over to see the neighbor's garden. There was a rabbit inside the "rabbit-proof" fence. She effortlessly jumped the fence and ran away. I knew she was a she because I caught her digging a burrow for birthing her babies. I walked down the hill and did a circle around the house and then walked back up the hill. She had returned and was ready to sneak back in, through a small break in the fence.

I snapped a picture and left her alone. In the garden this evening. And She walks with me and She talks with me...

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