Wednesday, January 20, 2010

After Massachusetts

Ezra Klein speaks my sentiments:
For now, it's worth observing that a Democratic Party that would abandon their central initiative this quickly isn't a Democratic Party that deserves to hold power. If they don't believe in the importance of their policies, why should anyone who's skeptical change their mind? If they're not interested in actually passing their agenda, why should voters who agree with Democrats on the issues work to elect them? A commitment provisional on Ted Kennedy not dying and Martha Coakley not running a terrible campaign is not much of a commitment at all.
A whole year has been spent (lost?) getting us closer than we have ever been on health care overhaul. The House needs to pass the Senate bill as it is and then make changes through the reconciliation process. If they let a special election kill their signature issue when they are this close to getting it done, they don't deserve to be running the country.

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sam said...

while I too am very disappointed by the lack of courage and commitment by the dems, what I find more discouraging is the alternative. How can we be this discouraged in "the greatest country in the world"? How can our great hope (Obama) take on so many of our country's (world's) many woes and be dragged down like this?