Sunday, March 28, 2010

If We Approached Slavery Like We Aproached Health Care

Minnesota state Senator John Marty, a candidate for governor, (and son of church historian Martin Marty) isn't thrilled with the new federal health care bill:
If the country had approached slavery like we have approached health care," he says, "we'd still have slavery, but Democrats would be bragging that the slaves only work 40 hours a week now. We haven't fixed the problem. There will still be people dying from lack of health care, and going broke.


Mystical Seeker said...

Marty is right. I wish more advocates of universal health care understood how inadequate (if not counterproductive) this health care bill really is.

Holly Cairns said...

Democrats know they are not finished, yet, and there is still more to do.

Marty said good things about the bill, too.

Here's recent audio of Marty, if you are interested: