Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Progressive Christian Voices Needed Now More than Ever

I received this e-mail sometime in the past couple days and read it sadly. I'd only learned of this group a month or so ago. I decided to post it because it lists so many other good organizations/resources (and because it came to me again through another listserve today).

Progressive Christian voices are needed now more than ever!
December 2006

Many of the decisions Americans made on November 7 about our national vision and values were encouraging. Perhaps now we will begin, as a people, thinking together in more humane ways about our common life. If so, the effective communication of progressive religious perspectives is absolutely critical, because religion is critical as a directional and sustaining power in American life. Secular viewpoints must not be the only alternative to the rhetoric of the religious right. A strong, inclusive, redemptive, and faithful Christian witness must also be heard. R

egrettably, The Progressive Christian Witness will no longer be able to contribute to this discussion, due to lack of funding. Pacific School of Religion has supported the PCW initiative since its inception ten months ago, with the expectation that outside funding would materialize to make its continuation possible. This has not happened. The Progressive Christian Witness staff will disband and the website will be dormant by the end of December. Rather than lament the end of The Progressive Christian Witness, we write to call your attention to the progressive Christian projects that remain and to urge your support of them. Without diminishing many other fine groups, we note in particular seven progressive religious initiatives that are dedicated, innovative, and have a national reach. You can find out about the specific focus of each of these, and how you can assist, by clicking on its name in the top left panel of this eNewsletter.

Why do we make this appeal? Because many Americans with progressive values remain dubious about the capacity of Christianity to be a positive, redemptive force in our society. And, unfortunately, their skepticism seems to be shared by many, if not most, progressive philanthropists—people of wealth who want to do good but who are not sure that religious groups are allies deserving of significant support. Until the influence of religion in our society is taken fully into account, and the healing power of progressive religion is more fully acknowledged, it will be left to us “little people” of limited means to continue to carry forward a progressive religious witness, with the hope that eventually foundations and individuals with larger resources will support the effort too.

We, the PCW staff, regret deeply having to end this project. Yet it has been our privilege to provide ministers and lay leaders around the country (and beyond!) with high level, readable, theologically-grounded material to undergird their proclamation of a progressive Christian gospel. We appreciate the lavish praise our project has received. We are especially grateful to the authors and publishers who permitted us to post their work without charge, in some cases waiving established policies because they thought this initiative to be so important. And we are grateful to Pacific School of Religion for providing the seed money to make The Progressive Christian Witness possible. Now it is left to us as individuals to support the progressive Christian and interfaith groups that remain, and to continue as active progressive witnesses in our churches, our communities, our nation, and the world. Please, give to progressive Christian and interfaith initiatives. They need and deserve your support.

The Christian Alliance for Progress The Christian Alliance for Progress seeks to reclaim Christianity and transform American politics. Through grassroots organizing, community building, and being a Christian voice for progressive efforts we contribute to positive change in our communities. For information or to donate, visit or email us at The Progressive Christian The Progressive Christian is a bi-monthly magazine of ideas and news promoting dialogue, action and understanding within the faith community seeking the common good. Means of financial support include subscriptions, advertising and charitable donations, all of which can be transacted on its website at

The Center for Progressive Christianity The Center for Progressive Christianity is a national network of churches, small groups and individuals seeking an approach to Christian faith that is informed, innovative, inclusive and compassionate. TCPC provides support for affiliates through our active website. Support and join the movement at

Progressive Christians Uniting Los Angeles-based Progressive Christians Uniting supports clergy and lay leaders committed to specific local and global justice struggles. Resources include reflection texts, training, books, position papers, interactive blogging, a weekly e-mail letter, and a template for building a local network or chapter. E-mail:

The Beatitudes Society The Beatitudes Society is a unique new educational organization with an audacious mission: we support emerging Christian leaders at seminaries and divinity schools who will make a prophetic witness for justice, compassion, and peace. Visit us at and learn how you can support our efforts!

Faith Voices Faith Voices ( increases public knowledge of the values and ethical concerns of religious people through educational programs, events, and publication partnerships, and through educational and social networking technologies, such as Synanim, a dialogical internet-based system. You can support our work at

CrossLeft CrossLeft seeks to be a strategic clearing house for grassroots activism among progressive Christians. Our website includes news from other progressive Christian projects, and our efforts are geared toward education, action and developing a strategy for long-term change. Find out about our work at


Delwin Brown said...

Thank you for sharing the information about "The Progressive Christian Witness" with your readers. We are very sorry that we failed to secure the modest outside funding needed to secure the project, but glad that so many of the nearly 6,000 direct recipients of our newsletters found our website to be of such value. Best wishes to you in your own progressive Christian ministry.
Delwin Brown, (former) PCW director and dean emeritus, Pacific School of Religion

chris said...

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