Tuesday, March 20, 2007

They Think We're Nutty

From the New York Times:
“The American church is not a pariah to everybody — some people still like us,” said the Rev. Lisa Fishbeck of Carrboro, N.C., in the Diocese of North Carolina, which is setting up a program with a diocese in Botswana. “They think we’re nutty, but they still like us.”
The worldwide Anglican community wants the American Episcopal church to stop ordaining women and gays. They have given the Americans a deadline of September 30 to comply with the wishes of the worldwide body or face consequences.

Complicating this threat is the reality of money, apparently. While the American church is small in numbers compared to the worldwide body, its financial support is large, particularly to Africa where American money supports Anglican churches and relief efforts. Only Henry Orombi, the archbishop of Uganda, has already stopped taking American money, and as the article points out this has led to the shutdown of AIDs relief programs.

It's worth noting that the Americans have continued to contribute - and have increased their contributions - to the worldwide body despite these threats. They have not threatened to take their money and go home because the rest of their denominational community disagrees with them.

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