Thursday, January 24, 2008

Obamas's a Black Man

Obama is campaigning in South Carolina. I don't get this sentiment voiced by Dana Milbank, covering him, at the Washington Post:

The scene -- a celebration of African American culture and achievement -- highlights the extraordinary revision of Obama's image here as he campaigns for the Democratic presidential nomination. For two years, some African Americans asked: Is he black enough? Now the question for this son of a white mother and an African father has become: Is he too black to win?

For Obama, it's a conundrum. To win the nomination, he needs to win South Carolina's primary on Saturday. And to win here in South Carolina, he needs to win the black vote. And yet, if he appears to be primarily an African American phenomenon, he's unlikely to win the nomination, much less the general election.

I think it is perfectly understandable that Obama is drawing more and more support from African Americans. In the same way it is perfectly understandable that Hillary is drawing strong support from women. But when the dust is settled on this campaign, we are almost certainly going to have our first black President or our first woman President. Because the country is ready for change and they are the two candidates most qualified to bring us that change.

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