Thursday, April 03, 2008

April: Good Month? Bad Month?

Today my grandfather, Elmo Macin Estill, would be 110 if he was still living. The first house he owned is where my mother -- the wife of his only child -- now lives. Grandpa Elmo and his wife Nellie purchased their home after the person who was having it built suffered financial setbacks during the depression in the '30s and committed suicide (not on the grounds).

I have other friends who have had family members who have committed suicide. I have even intervened with a friend who was verbalizing suicide plans. Just yesterday my friends and I were talking about suicide at our crafting group--so it is on our collective minds as a rememberance of a past tragic loss of someone we have known or as our own cry for help.

This morning on Beliefnet's Beyond Blue is a very important article that people should read on the signs/liklihood of suicide.

This time of year the world is filled with the hope of spring. Those who are suffering from depression feel lost and are most vulnerable right now. Please be aware of those around us who may need our help! This is definately a 'life and death' time of year. Do your part to affirm and/or save a life!

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