Thursday, November 27, 2008

Guilt or Inspiration?

One person's inspiration is another person's guilt.

Recently I have heard people from my spiritual community complain that they feel they are being "guilted" into doing certain things. Personally, I think it is all a matter of attitude. Is perhaps the guilt they are feeling just an uncomfortable nudge from their inner consciousness of a recognition that they could do more, or better, with their lives? Maybe, maybe not.

Anyway, here's a news story I just viewed that will challenge you to make this decision for yourself. Does this story shame you or make you feel guilty? Or does it inspire you?


Anonymous said...

Where did they experience guilt? I have been attending Open Circle for years and have never felt any guilt.

progressivechurchlady said...

I personally didn't get that comment that was made to me recently during a "business meeting" either. I questioned the person who made the comment to probe further and better understand them but I didn't get a satisfying answer.