Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Credo of a Change Optimist

More from Ariane de Bonvois founder of and author of Your First 30 Days Your Guide to Any Change (and loving your life more).

Principle 1:
I have positive beliefs--about change, about life, and about myself.

Principle 2:
I know that change will always bring something good into my life.

Principle 3:
I know I am resilient, strong, and capable of getting through anything.

Principle 4:
I know that my emotions, including the negative ones, are there as a guide and that I can replace them with more positive ones.

Principle 5:
I know that the quicker I accept or choose change, the less the pain and the hardship will be.

Principle 6:
I use empowering questions and words, I think better thoughts, and I allow any and every feeling to come up and embrace it.

Principle 7: I know I am connected to something bigger--my soul, my spirit, my higher self.

Principle 8: I surround myself with people who can help and who have an optimistic mind-set, and I create an environment that supports change.

Principle 9: I take action. I have a plan, and I take care of myself.

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